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  Announcement - International pony festival 2008-01-14
Host Dates Location
Area Head Of Show Registration Office
Presentation Photos Start Authorization
Guide Line Nomination to be sent to Closing of nomination
Start fees Horse stalls Breeding show
Sport Competitions Country competition
Special cups Catalogue notification Sponsoring
Prizes Breeder get-together Ponies for sale
Misc Bank details Show agenda


  • Dieter Grober, Bad Gandersheim honorary chairman, Union of Pony- und Kleinpferdezüchter Hannover e.V. (club for pony and cob-breeders in Hanover)


  • Family Joachim Völksen, Hanover, cause is the celebration of their 50- years pony-jubilee, in co-operation with the IG Welsh e.V. and the Deister Reit-und Fahrverein St. Georg Barsinghausen e.V. (horse and riding club)


  • Sunday, 15th of June 2008


  • 30890 Barsinghausen, St. Georgstraße 1


  • Deister Reit- und Fahrverein St. Georg Barsinghausen e.V. (horse- and riding club)

Head of show:

  • Matthias Bock, Reitverein St. Georg; Fritz Lehmann IG Welsh; Kathrin Völksen, Joachim Völksen

Registration office:

  • Sonja Kaiser, Kay Wassermann

Presentation / Announcement:

  • Joachim Glienke, Klaus-Dieter Dahme


  • Friederike Rosenthal, Eberhard Holin

Start authorization:

  • Welsh-ponies, Welsh-cobs, Riding ponies (at least 12,5 % Welsh-blood) with a valid derivation confirmation of an acknowledged breeding club (national/international), all sections: Section A, Section B, Section C, ponies to ride (at least 12,5 % Welsh-blood), studs, mares and geldings, all age groups.

    Geldings will be judged by a separated show class and do not participate at the breeding championship.

    There is no family competition.

    Ponies/cobs that have been attracted by acting judges are unable to participate at the show.

Guide line:

  • Premiums system

Nomination to be sent to:

  • Sonja Kaiser, Springstr. 4, 58730 Fröndenberg
    Each pony/cob with a IG-combination form, likewise one form for each foal. A copy of the derivation confirmation (breeding certificate for foals) needs to be attached to the nomination . You can download the form on the following web page: www.internationales-ponyfestival.de

Closing of nomination:

  • Saturday, 24th of May 2008!

Start fees:

  • Show class: 15 € for each pony/cob
    10 € for each foal
    Class of rein-leader: 8,- €/horseman

    A cheque for deposit only needs to be attached to the nomination for the total amount of all start fees (horse stalls will be paid on-site)

Hose stalls:

  • Horse stalls are limited available at the showground. Also there are some available in the neighbourhood and close by (5 to 10 km distance). The costs for these horse stalls depending on facilities/equipments, size and location/venue. They are between 20 € and 50 € per day. Litter is included in the rent (straw).

    Paddocks can be assembled nearby on a farm approx. 250 m away. The costs for this service are unknown at the moment (can be requested at short notice though). This service fee has to be paid on-site.

Breed show:

  • Classes will be established after the final nomination result. The following allocation is planned:
    Foal class: each section, afterwards foal-championship
    Class for yearlings: each section
    Class for two-years old: each section afterwards youth-championship
    Class for three-years old mares: each section
    Class for four-to seven-years old mares: each section
    Class for eight-years old mares and older ones: each section

    Class for studs:
    Section-championship (will be ranked through)
    Final ring (will be ranked through)
    Supreme-championship (supreme-reserve-championship)


  • Class of rein-leaders according to WPO

Special competition:

  • Veteran class
    A veteran class will be announced. Eligible are all welsh-ponies /cobs / ponies (only studs and mares), that have accomplished 18-years and also have already made adequate prosperities in this category (e.g. show class winner/overall winner, successful re-breeding/offspring or adequate personal contribution). There will be no ranking in the veteran class. The animals will be presented in trot and walk and afterwards will be brief-commented by a judge. It will be supplemented by the presentation of a document from the exhibitor showing the most important prosperities (has to be delivered also to the nomination office in beforehand). It is foreseen that the veteran class will be in line with the show agenda.

Country competition:

  • Each regional group that presents 5 and more animals in the breeding show, takes automatically part in the country competition. The top 5 will automatically acquire the valuation if there are more than 5 animals presented in each regional group. Important is to mention the regional group on the nomination form. The points will be worked out as follows:

    Ranking 1: 5 points
    Ranking 2: 4 points
    Ranking 3: 3 points
    Ranking 4: 2 points
    Ranking 5: 1 point

    If there are only three ponies in one class the winner will only achieve 3 points and so on. The regional group that scores the most onto their account will win the country competition and gets a gold medal (5 to win). The runner-ups will win each 5 medals in silver and the 3rd winners 5 medals in bronze (in case of a tie the other rankings will be added up onto the following animals )

Special cup:

  • Additional to the country competition we will hand out three special cups for the best ponies/cobs of a foreign exhibitor (winner, reserve-winner, 2nd reserve-winner). The awarding will be according to the ranking. In case of a tie the judges will anew their appraisal with a thorough review before they finally decide about the winner.

Catalogue notification:

  • 1 page black/white 100 €
    ½ page black/white 60 €
    1 page in colour 150 €
    ½ page in colour 80 €

    As the high-closs-catalogue will be issued in book-form, we can only accept printable adverts, alternatively pdf-files have to be sent by mail to: Baumgart Die Print Agentur, Lindener Marktplatz 6, 30449 Hannover or e-mail them to: atreidis@print-agentur.de, password: Internationales Ponyfestival/Anzeige


  • The possibility of sponsoring a class is available against a fee of € 50. The class will carry the sponsors name. The sponsor should not exhibit animals in the same class though.

Prizes to win:

  • Every participant achieves a bow, stall-badge; cups for winners and reserve-winners; section-winners; section-reserve-winners, supreme champion and supreme-reserve-champion, prizes and exceptional prizes

Breeder get-together:

  • Saturday, 14th of June 2008 as of 8 p.m. comfy breeder get-together in the casino of the riding-hall, warm food (maybe buffet) is available against a small fee.

Ponies for sale:

  • Named ponies will be declared as such if requested. The complex enables to give the ponies a trial on-site. The host is no seller or agent. This is only a service offer for the exhibitor!


  • The host assumes no-liability for damages of all kinds. A valid animal third party insurance is necessary to qualify for participation. It is only allowed to exhibit ponies and cobs that are in a flawless health condition and also being well looked-after.

    Animals that have obvious diseases or showing health-shortcomings can be excluded from the head of the show.

    Dogs must be kept on leads whilst they are on the complex. It is not permitted to muck out horse trailers/horse floats on the parking lot/car park.

Bank details:

  • Ponyfestival 2008, Sparkasse Hanover, bank code 250 501 80, account no. 900 3256 90

    We reserve the right to change the schedule of the show activities!

    The judges will be announced in the “Welsh aktuell” issue March 2008 (magazine: Welsh up-to-date) or also to be found on the following web page www.internationales-ponyfestival.de

Colourful show agenda:

  • • After the breeding show in the early afternoon we are planning a colourful show agenda on which we hope a lot of welsh and ponies-breeders will participate. Interested people please contact Mr. Joachim Völksen directly.

    All other details you can get directly from: Family Joachim Völksen
    Office: 10-11 o’clock a.m.: +49-511- 4 58 46 46
    Private no. 8 - 9 o’clock p.m. : +49-5109 6 44 74
    Mobile phone: +49-170-4 05 42 88